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Last Call For Thrive! The ONLY Deep-Dive Retreat of 2019

news Jun 14, 2019

The three minute video above offers instant energy and inspiration!  Allow it to help you remember what is possible in the energetic vortex of circle.

After watching, ask yourself this:

Do you want to go deeper in your journey of personal self-mastery, embodiment, healing and awakening - with Christian as your guide?

If so, Christian is facilitating a SMALL group (around 20 people) for a week long deep dive retreat, giving you an opportunity to experience the cutting edge version of his circle work while seeing how rich life can be when charged and infused by the amplified field.

With only a few spaces left, this is your last call to register.

If you feel ready for a radical and life changing upgrade, then listen to your Heart and experience this year's only deep dive circle retreat with Christian.

Learn more about Thrive! June 24-30 here

P.S. Please let other Heart iQ initiates know about this as we're only a few days away from the event!

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NOW OPEN: Weekend Gatherings at New Eden in 2019

news May 22, 2019

For months now I've been contemplating how to bring our community and tribe into deeper connection as we heal and awaken together.

Here's what we've come up with...

We want to invite you to continue (or start) your journey at New Eden by coming to visit us for a weekend at an upcoming Gathering (Friday night to Sunday afternoon).

This is an opportunity to heal and awaken with other like minded, heart intelligent souls and to drop deep, get nourished, nurture friendships, learn new skills and practice surrendering to the deeper essence that is you, together in connection with others who can really feel you.

Rather than create a one-off workshop that risks leaving you with no support or integration, we've scheduled EIGHT of these weekends this year so you can choose to come multiple times on dates that work for you. Of course, you don't have to come back again and again, but now you know you CAN, if you want to.

As a way to celebrate the launch of these Weekend...

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An Update For Those Who Have Been in a Heart iQ Circle

news May 21, 2019

Dear Heart iQ Circlers!

This is an update for you about my unique flavour of circle work. As someone who has experienced circle with me, I would like to share what's alive and upcoming in my world in 2019.

If you would like to experience an upgraded circle experience with me, here are the opportunities for 2019:

Thrive! (Basically a summer time Ultima): June 24-30 https://www.neweden.org/thrive-retreat

This event is limited to about 25 peeps and is only for people who have been initiated into circle work. This is the DEEP dive.

Embodied Man Retreat: August 12-19

Accelerated Awakening Retreat: Oct. 7-11

This is for new people and experienced circlers alike and has a larger group of around 40.

Questions? Please reach out to Mindela at [email protected]

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Final Month of The Awakened Living Project

news Feb 25, 2019

After a week of healing and detoxification, we now have twenty-five men arriving for The Embodied Man Week in which we will be doing ‘all things men’ this for the coming six days.

 Just like the past five weeks of The Awakened Living Project, each of these weeks will be a profoundly insightful and transformational experience in its own unique way.


Much Love and Gratitude, 

The team at New Eden 

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From Surviving to Thriving - A New Year’s Update for 2019

news Dec 31, 2018

Grab a cup of tea and join me for an update about what has been and where we’re going. In this post, I’ll tell you about:

  • How to Stay in Touch with Me
  • New Eden - Financially Strong & the Future Looks Bright
  • What New Eden is Doing Now - Come and Be a Part of It!
  • My Personal Update - New Ways of Working & Weaving Together the Old and the New

How to Stay in Touch with Me

First things first: If you would love to hear from me in 2019 and get updates about how everything is unfolding, you can sign up to my mailing list here:


You have been an important part of my journey and I’d love to have you join me on the next leg of this adventure!

New Eden - Financially Strong & the Future Looks Bright

Since purchasing our beloved New Eden retreat centre in early 2015, Sumir and I have been in a fight to keep this sacred place. We always knew the first few years were going to be tough and it’s taken...

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