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The Magic of Heart iQ

news Jul 04, 2019

The three minute video above offers instant energy and inspiration!  Allow it to help you remember what is possible in the energetic vortex of circle.

After watching, ask yourself this:

Do you want to go deeper in your journey of personal self-mastery, embodiment, healing and awakening - with Christian as your guide?

If so, Christian is facilitating a series of Thrive! Weekend mini-retreats giving you an opportunity to experience the cutting edge version of his work while seeing how rich life can be when charged and infused by the amplified field.

If you feel ready for a radical and life changing upgrade, then listen to your Heart and experience Thrive! for yourself.

Learn more about Thrive! here

Join The Heart iQ Community

As a way to keep you connected with others who love Heart iQ and the work we've created a vibrant private Facebook group where you can check in, share and speak your truth about things that matter. Christian regularly posts videos and hosts spontaneous livestreams - and it's completely free!

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