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Final Month of The Awakened Living Project

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

After a week of healing and detoxification, we now have twenty-five men arriving for The Embodied Man Week in which we will be doing ‘all things men’ this for the coming six days.

Beyond this week, we have a three upcoming experiences you may be interested in.


  1. Relationships & Sexuality | March 4th - 10th 

    In Heart iQ, we get to heal the traumas that emerge in intimate connection, which, if left unattended, create dissonance, disconnection and ultimately break up.

    We do this together, in connection with others.

    All trauma was created in relationship and relationship will be needed for your healing. 

    Learn more here

  2. Business Mentorship | March 11th - 17th 

    For a whole week, get business mentorship on how to start, grow and run a company that is in alignment with your core mission and purpose. This about a new way of doing business that is both authentic and successful. 

    Learn more here.

  3. Embodied Speaking | 18th -...
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Relate From Depth and Realness | Upcoming Relationships & Sexuality Retreat

upcoming events Feb 11, 2019

In Heart iQ, we get to heal the traumas that emerge in intimate connection, which, if left unattended, create dissonance, disconnection and ultimately break up.

We do this together, in connection with others.

All trauma was created in relationship and relationship will be needed for your healing. We need to do this together.

In this training, we will meet and surrender to whatever arises in the moment as you connect with others, learning and becoming aware of all the ways you close your Heart and re-enact your childhood wounding in your intimacy today.

You'll also learn the needed communication skills to share with your beloved what is happening in your inner world, so you can navigate it together, with compassion.

The final piece to this training is the work we do to connect your sexuality with your Heart, creating a delightful combination of conscious, heart connected 'fuck' that will sustain your intimacy for years to come.

If you are in a relationship or...

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From Surviving to Thriving - A New Year’s Update for 2019

news Dec 31, 2018

Grab a cup of tea and join me for an update about what has been and where we’re going. In this post, I’ll tell you about:

  • How to Stay in Touch with Me
  • New Eden - Financially Strong & the Future Looks Bright
  • What New Eden is Doing Now - Come and Be a Part of It!
  • My Personal Update - New Ways of Working & Weaving Together the Old and the New

How to Stay in Touch with Me

First things first: If you would love to hear from me in 2019 and get updates about how everything is unfolding, you can sign up to my mailing list here:

You have been an important part of my journey and I’d love to have you join me on the next leg of this adventure!

New Eden - Financially Strong & the Future Looks Bright

Since purchasing our beloved New Eden retreat centre in early 2015, Sumir and I have been in a fight to keep this sacred place. We always knew the first few years were going to be tough and it’s taken...

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How to Upgrade Your Life Without Focusing on Your Pain or Problems


Heart iQ is what I call a "Transformational Technology". 

It's not about fixing your dysfunction or about focusing on your problems. 

It's an upgrade. 

What if what you think is broken and problematic, is actually you not having an 'imprint' of a healthy way of being? 

What if you were never given the imprint of what it means to be a man, a woman, a lover, a parent, an elder, or a leader?

What if you were never given a model of what life COULD be? What if, instead of being blessed with healthy imprints of what you can be, you were given a limited, conditioned and restricted version of what's truly possible?

Heart iQ is the transformational technology that offers you DIRECT, in-the-body imprints of upgraded ways of being, without needing to do therapy, or focus on your issues. 

Heart iQ is the technology to experience what we call, "The New Normal". 

Watch this video to discover more about Heart iQ and the Sacred Imprinting work we do, and why being in a group...

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New Eden End of Year Update + Big Announcements About 2019

news & updates Dec 18, 2018
What a year it has been! And what a year we have planned for 2019 :-)
In this update, I'll share some big news about New Eden and some of the groundbreaking work we're up to - and how you can get involved.
I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please share you comments and share this video the community and your network.
Click here to learn about the Awakened Living Project (and to claim the special grand opening weekend offer)
Click here to learn about the Facilitator Training starting in January
Click here to learn about the Embodied Man Retreat
Click here to learn about the Relationship & Sexuality Week
Click here to learn about our deep dive Thrive! retreat in June 24-30
Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year!
Love Christian & The New Eden Team
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Episode 4: New Eden at its Best


The Awakened Living Project has now run for an entire month and we're in the home stretch now with two weeks to go... and the project is really coming alive!

This past weekend was our first attempt to create a New Eden 'Thrive' Experience, a space to drop in, connect, build friendships and awaken in community. 

And it was amazing! 

First, we lucked out with the amazing weather. Second, the people who came were awesome, third: the circles were spectacular, the land was happy and the whole experience felt like coming home. Yay!

It was a like being in a retreat. But it wasn't a retreat... it was something much, much more.  

We're birthing something new, something different, something that doesn't exist anywhere else on planet Earth and we want you to be a part of it.

The Awakened Living Project is coming to a close in 12 days (you can book your last minute stay by clicking the link in the sidebar), but our ThriveFest Gathering in November is just heating...

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Episode 3: Heart iQ Circle Work at New Eden


Episode 3: Heart IQ Circle Work at New Eden

One of the most impactful aspects of people's experience at New Eden, whether it is the regular staff and community here, or new guests, is the Sacred Circle Work we do on a regular basis.

Sacred circle work (or Heart IQ Work) is a tool for expanding and accelerating one's own internal consciousness and expression in the world.

Developed over the last 12 years by Christian, circle is a space that draws forth what is ready to be seen, felt, experienced and witnessed within oneself.

It's more than just a "mirror".

It's an amplification of what's taking place internally and a revelation for what's ready to come to to be either released, embodied or expressed in onself.

There's not much more that can be said really.

As with all things, you just gotta experience it for yourself.

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Episode 2: Elaira's Transformational Time at New Eden


Episode two: Elaira's transformational time at New Eden.

This week, we decided to capture and share the experience that Elairareceived during her time here.

This kind of experience is at the heart of New Eden.

People coming home to themselves.

Being freed from what no longer serves them.

Opening up to who they really are.

Receiving the goodness and truth of life.

We hope you receive what is shared in this video, and it touches something within yourself.

Much love from the team here at New Eden!

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Episode 1: The Awakened Living Project Begins


New Eden's first official video blog!

We decided to make a weekly video blog, authentically capturing the experience here at New Eden.

This is the first episode of the series.

During week one, we had an amazing week kicking off this experiement. This included opening the new co-work space, creating the collective field, getting the kitchen up and running, bringing the volunteer staff together and finding our rhythm.

Our intention in creating this series is to inspire the possibilities of living and growing as a collective. This project is an experiment to see how this centre can be used as a place to experience collective living, amplifying one another's lives.

If you enjoy this episode, please SHARE this video and LIKE this page to help get this inspiration out into the world.

If you'd like to learn more about New Eden or come and experience it for yourself, just head over to the website.

... AND we have an announcement for the...

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The Awakened Living Project 2018 Launches!


How would you like to stay at a centre that is dedicated to creating space for heart intelligent leaders to grow, create and awaken together?

A place where you can stay for a weekend, a week or even up to a month in dream like surroundings with like-hearted beings.

A place that calls you into your fullest potential.
A place to bring your creative endeavours to life.
A place where you can experience the power of community.
A place where you can be free, wild and adventurous.
A place that’s designed for activation and embodiment.
Well, now this exists.

From September 24 - October 28th, the doors are open for something we’ve called The Awakened Living Project.

This is taking place at New Eden Retreat Centre, surrounded by 50 acres of forest with gorgeous facilities such as heated pool, jacuzzi, event and meditation space, in house cinema, co-working spaces and fully provided meals in our commercial kitchen and dining area.

During these five weeks, the centre has opened its...

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