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From Surviving to Thriving - A New Year’s Update for 2019

news Dec 31, 2018

Grab a cup of tea and join me for an update about what has been and where we’re going. In this post, I’ll tell you about:

  • How to Stay in Touch with Me
  • New Eden - Financially Strong & the Future Looks Bright
  • What New Eden is Doing Now - Come and Be a Part of It!
  • My Personal Update - New Ways of Working & Weaving Together the Old and the New

How to Stay in Touch with Me

First things first: If you would love to hear from me in 2019 and get updates about how everything is unfolding, you can sign up to my mailing list here:

You have been an important part of my journey and I’d love to have you join me on the next leg of this adventure!

New Eden - Financially Strong & the Future Looks Bright

Since purchasing our beloved New Eden retreat centre in early 2015, Sumir and I have been in a fight to keep this sacred place. We always knew the first few years were going to be tough and it’s taken everything we’ve had to make it work.

But we did it!

As 2018 ends, we’re delighted to share that we have secured the final round of funding to ensure New Eden not only survives, but is now perfectly positioned to thrive in the years to come.

Since July 2015, we’ve raised over €3,000,000 in funding for the centre, with 100% of it coming from private sources from those who believe in our vision and want to support us. We’ve not had to borrow a single euro from a bank. How amazing is that?!

What New Eden is Doing Now - Come and Be a Part of It!

So, here we are at the end of 2018, positioned to thrive, and we can finally fully focus on what New Eden is here for: To Awaken Humanity and bring about a New Normal for men, woman and children - together in community.

The first way we’re going to do that in 2019 is with the Awakened Living Project, which opens up New Eden’s high frequency environment so healing and awakening can take place with ease. When you’re here, you can choose also to take extra workshops and classes in areas that interest you. It’s really cool!

You can find out more here:

Personal Update - New Ways of Working & Weaving Together the Old and the New

As New Eden has moved into financial stability, another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. A new wave of collaboration is taking shape around me, allowing me to move away from my old, draining default of ‘doing it alone’. For the first time in a long time, events, experiences and an entire online education platform are being co-created with other teachers, entrepreneurs and visionaries. It’s very exciting!

Yet there is another, more personal way I want to honour New Eden’s, and my own, mission.

As much as I am enjoying co-creating with the team on new projects for New Eden, I can feel the hunger, the spark and the desire to re-focus on Heart iQ, specifically training teachers and facilitators how to bring this work to the world.

You see, before 2016, Heart iQ was my entire life and my big love. By that time, we had trained over 300 practitioners around the world in this revolutionary, transformational technology!

It was all going great until “New Eden was born” and suddenly I didn't have time for much more than taking care of “the baby.” So I did what any responsible parent would do… I took care of it with all my heart and love.

Unfortunately, I got burnt out by trying to “be a father” and run Heart iQ — two things that are essentially full time pursuits when you're doing it alone — and Heart iQ had to take lower priority because New Eden needed everything I had for it to survive!

I have no regrets about this decision. Standing where I am today, I get what’s possible with New Eden and how this sacred space can enable me to take Heart iQ and the work to places I never dreamed possible.

Which is why in 2019, I’m putting my personal focus on rebooting my facilitator training courses and offering mentoring to those who want to imprint, impact and upgrade men, women and children with this incredible language of the Heart.

2019 will be a transition year for me as I balance and hold two equally weighted priorities: New Eden & Heart iQ. These aren’t separate of course, so the dance will be to sync up and synergise these equally important worlds as they support one another.

My first step toward re-energizing Heart iQ and its mission is to run two Facilitator Training weeks during the Awakened Living Project ( January 21st - 27th and January 28th - February 3rd), as well as an Embodied Speaker Training week (March 18th - 24th).

You can learn more about Heart iQ and my new Facilitator Training workshops here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this update…I wish you a very prosperous, healthy and juicy 2019!

Love Christian

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