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A Fully Integrated and Wholistic Way To Coach Couples

practices Aug 19, 2019

In today's blog, we have something a little different for you. As our Facilitator Training season is starting in September, we thought you would like this inspirational talk from a recent Relationship Mastery Training about how Heart iQ can impact relationships by creating an optimum environment of family and community where intimacy naturally and spontaneously thrives.

What if relationship dysfunction was not just the direct result of two people not being able to find common ground, but had more to do with our western culture of separation, isolation and myth that we need to 'do it on our own'? 

Could our irreconcilable differences be healed by simply following the wisdom in this video?

Watch it now to find out and then read on if you are interested in learning how to apply this art to your own personal or professional life at our upcoming Relationship Mastery Training.


If you are passionate about relationships and helping couples to deepen their connection, which includes the ability to coach parents and the family dynamic, then our Relationship Mastery Program is perfect for you.


  • Learn how to coach couples to stabilize, repair and rebuild their intimacy.

  • Discover how the ground breaking approach of Heart iQ can enhance your relationship coaching skills and learn the tools and frameworks you need to immediately apply this work with your clients and see dramatic results.

  • Build more joyful Heart Intelligent relationships in your own life

  • We teach what we need to learn the most. As we learn the skills needed to transform other’s lives, we must embody those same skills within ourselves. That means, you’ll not just receive a high quality professional education, but a personal transformation experience as well. After completing this training, and applying these tools in your own life, your relationships will never be the same again.

  • Increase your potential for improving the family dynamics of the couples you help

  • Coaching couples is rewarding because the results are often instant and dramatic. Not only that, the positive impact on the family dynamic is huge, especially if children are involved.

This is a 5-day deep dive, small group training where you will learn the art of Embodied Emergence where you can help a couple connect more intimately by observing how they move and interact with each other physically, and then offering suggestions to help them move their sexual, emotional and physical energy with more joy and polarity.

This is the most important ingredient to transform your coaching and add value to your clients.

What’s more, this is a skill you can NOT learn through a home study program, such as an online program or book. It’s a felt sense that needs to be practiced in a live setting.

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