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Why Anger is Essential For Your Happiness

practices Jun 18, 2019

Anger is a controversial emotion that many people say is unhealthy, negative or harmful. In Heart IQ™, we believe that anger is not only extremely healthy when channeled through the heart, but is, in fact, essential for your happiness!

How can this be?

First, we need to dissect the commonly held myth in the personal development world that negative emotions exists. What many call “negative” is really just a judgment of an energy that is either misunderstood or channeled in an unhealthy way. For example, the energy of anger when expressed through a closed heart (meaning that it is not connected to your value and goodness) can be hurtful, poisonous, and damaging to all concerned. It can cause you to lash out and become passive aggressive or manipulative.

Therefore, if anger (or any emotion) is creating undesirable feelings, behaviours, and results in your life, it’s a clear message that there is a part of you in judgment and in conflict with yourself, and thus...

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How To Feel Safe So You Can Live Your Full Potential

practices Jun 09, 2019

In order to heal, you need to feel.

In order to feel, you need to feel safe.

Safety in your nervous system allows all that wants to be felt to come to the surface. If you don't feel safe, you risk burying and repressing your trauma which can manifest as depression, stress and disease. 

But don't confuse feeling safe with being comfortable. Safety allows you the capacity to meet life, your fears and insecurities head on and be able to digest them, resulting in a life of freedom, ease and grace.

Safety is created in the nervous system when the environment allows for rest, moving away from vigilance and fight and flight, to a relaxed para-sympathetic state. However, it’s important to understand this one distinction about safety: your perception is the most important factor that determines how safe you feel, more than the influence of your environment or the outer world. This is great news! Since you can learn how to have more choice in your perception,...

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How to Feel More Connected in a Fast Paced World

practices Jun 05, 2019

We all have parts that are craving to be felt but are covered by the hyper-stimulation of today’s fast paced society. In Heart iQ we know you have to “feel it to heal it” and that starts by coming into relationship with your body, letting it take the lead.

The Slow Motion Movement Practice connects you to your heart, your body, and an exquisite sense of self intimacy and joy. The more slowly you move, the more deeply you connect.

How do you do it?

  1. Go to a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed.
  2. Start in a comfortable position — e.g. sitting, standing, on all fours, lying down.
  3.  Allow your body to relax and gently focus on your breath. Eyes can be opened or closed.
  4. When your body feels like it wants to move, let it happen, but very, very slowly.
  5. Move based upon your body’s longing rather than your mind’s will. No thinking “now I’ll move this part or that part.” Instead, become the witness to your body’s...
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