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Episode 4: New Eden at its Best


The Awakened Living Project has now run for an entire month and we're in the home stretch now with two weeks to go... and the project is really coming alive!

This past weekend was our first attempt to create a New Eden 'Thrive' Experience, a space to drop in, connect, build friendships and awaken in community. 

And it was amazing! 

First, we lucked out with the amazing weather. Second, the people who came were awesome, third: the circles were spectacular, the land was happy and the whole experience felt like coming home. Yay!

It was a like being in a retreat. But it wasn't a retreat... it was something much, much more.  

We're birthing something new, something different, something that doesn't exist anywhere else on planet Earth and we want you to be a part of it.

The Awakened Living Project is coming to a close in 12 days (you can book your last minute stay by clicking the link in the sidebar), but our ThriveFest Gathering in November is just heating up! 

Learn More about ThriveFest

For those who don't know, ThriveFest is like the weekend we just experience x 100 where for 2-3 days you get to experience heaven on earth. 

Early bird discounted tickets end on Saturday morning, so reserve your seat now for ThriveFest 2018!



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