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  • Have you already been in circle with Christian?
  • Do you enjoy being in an amplified field with others?
  • Are you ready to fully surrender and be touched by the divine? 
  • Are you committed to meeting all parts of you & be witnessed?
  • Do you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?
  • Are you ready to receive an upgrade that will go to the very core of who you are?

If you answered yes, then Thrive! is the perfect next step for you

Thrive! Deep Dive Retreat

July 6th - 12th, 2020

An opportunity to co-create heaven on earth and experience the 'New Normal'.

Welcome home.


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What is the Thrive! Deep Dive?

The Thrive! Deep Dive Retreat is a week-long epic event held once a year by Christian Pankhurst, founder of Heart iQ. This is a deep dive event for those initiated into the work of Heart iQ.

New to the work? A great first step is to attend one of our Thrive! Weekend Gatherings.

This week is a celebration of our humanity, our spirituality and what we call 'The New Normal'. Its about togetherness, coming home and being with your Heart Family.

It's a space to do your deeper healing that can only happen in connection with others.

It’s an invitation to bring all of you into the moment … to see, hear and feel each other
as we embrace our innate goodness and wholeness.

Together, we will celebrate the paradoxical truths of being both separate and whole,
distinct and unified, alone and in this together.

Oh yeah... and we're gonna have a lot of fun!

What You'll Receive at the Thrive! Deep Dive Retreat

A template for the evolving human and what's possible in your connection with others.

Feel the pulsating goodness of your life-force energy.

Make lifelong connections with other bright, beautiful beings just like you!

Experience the beauty and aliveness of your heart.

Feel the joy and intimacy of your own body.

Space to express the longings of your wild, passionate heart.


Deepen in your capacity to open beyond the limited, contracted version of yourself.

A sense of homecoming and a return to an upgraded version of your life

Where does the Thrive! Deep Dive take place?

This event takes place at New Eden, our own dedicated venue located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands, surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature. It is completely private and is gloriously free from the noise and distractions of modern life.

Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. We go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery and heart-centered living. This is a space where you can Thrive!


Are you ready to join us at ThriveFest?


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You must be initiated into the work of Heart iQ. If you are new, one of the best ways to get initiated is through attending a Weekend Gathering at New Eden.

The next Thrive! will take place July 6th - 12th 2020. 

Yes! You can book together when you register.

The prices cover all activities, classes, the event experience as well as all meals and accommodation.

Our meals are vegetarian and mostly organic, and if you have a dietary requirement you’ll be able to select that when you book your food and accommodation package. There is no extra fee for your dietary option, if you make your request at the time you book. LAST MINUTE dietary requests may not be possible or may incur a small charge.

All of our rooms come with private bathroom & have a simple design. They are minimally furnished with beds, desk and side tables with lamps.

We supply sheets, bedding and towels. Most of our rooms are double occupancy, with some being triple, or quadruple rooms. We offer the best rooms first on a first come, first served basis and prioritise couples for our double occupancy rooms.

Getting to New Eden is easy!

We've created a page on our site with easy directions on how to get here by Train, Bus and Car.

Click here to open a new page and learn more about getting to New Eden.

Attendees may cancel the event up to 30 days before the event starts for a refund minus a 25% cancellation fee from the full price of the event. Refunds will be paid as soon as possible, maximum 30 days after the cancellation date. If the cancellation is made within 30 days before the event start date, there will be no refund.

Thrive! is an adult experience, and thus Children are not permitted to attend.

You may check in on Monday anytime after 12pm. As we begin at 3pm, please arrive at least 2 hours before we start, so plan to arrive no later than 1pm.  

Late arrivals are not permitted.

Check out is on Sunday after 3pm when the event ends.


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