• Do you want to connect more deeply with others?
  • Do you long to feel supported and filled up from the inside?
  • Are you looking for fulfilling friendships with others who share your values?
  • Are you seeking a life of purpose, connection and meaning?
  • Would you love to effortlessly dive deeper into your own pleasure?
  • Are you ready to upgrade what you believe is possible for your intimate relationships?

June 24-30, 2019

A place to connect, feel alive
and experience a 'New Normal'.

Welcome home.


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What is Thrive?

Thrive! is a week-long retreat led by Heart iQ founder, Christian Pankhurst, alongside a selection of curated teachers and facilitators. It is held in the summer time at the New Eden retreat centre and is designed for those wanting an immersive deep dive experience of Christian's work.

Thrive! is a celebration of our humanity, our spirituality and what we call 'The New Normal'. Its about togetherness, coming home and being with your Heart Family.

It's a space to experience your aliveness
within and in relationship with others.

It’s an invitation to bring all of you into the moment … to see, hear and feel each other
as we embrace our innate goodness and wholeness.

Together, we will celebrate the paradoxical truths of being both separate and whole,
distinct and unified, alone and in this together.

Oh yeah... and we're gonna' have a lot of fun!

Let's face it, modern life is set up for disconnection. It's busy, fast-paced, and no matter how full it feels, there’s no escape from the loneliness that comes from living a fairly isolated existence. 

You long to experience real community with like-minded others.  You long for more pleasure in your body. Yet, you notice yourself hiding behind barriers of mistrust, hesitation and suspicion - barriers that keep you closed off from connecting more deeply.

You know there’s more to life. You want to do less and be more. You want to melt those inner walls and experience the beauty and juicy aliveness of your own heart. You know it’s there. You’ve felt it. It’s just that sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of everyday, it gets hidden and buried.

But here’s the thing. You were born as part of a tribe. You were never meant to go it alone. You are here for a reason. You are here to thrive, together with other seekers on the path.

When we intentionally come together in this way, we get to experience a new template for the evolving human. We’re all in it together. In this upgraded version of ourselves, your vibrant aliveness is an essential component. That way you get to live your best life, experience true freedom and the sheer joy of being born in a human body.

Imagine for a moment, visiting a place out of time, a place where time stands still. A lush oasis and sanctuary for your soul, where you get to be seen and felt in all your glory. A place where you get to show up exactly as you are. A place where you get to be the real you.

Thrive! is that place. Thrive! is a beautiful, nourishing, healing space where you get to truly drop into your authentic self, rest and receive. Filled up from the inside, you get to shine your light into the world and expand your range beyond what you previously thought possible.

Thrive! is a place that has the feeling of coming home. It’s a place where you can lean into the edges of your self-expression. Finding a freedom you’ve never known. Deepening in your capacity to open. Exploring the range of your pleasure and staying present as you journey forwards with consciousness. 

Thrive! is a place where people arrive as strangers and leave as lifelong friends. Experiential and purposefully curated with connection in mind, at ThriveFest you get to feel your body’s love, pleasure and bliss and feel good in your own skin.

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What Can I Expect at Thrive?

Build Lifelong Friendships

Dare to make real contact with other soul-seekers. At Thrive!, you get to share yourself with others through a variety of mediums. Connecting through words and sound, through movement and breath, through stillness and silence. Discover those unknown places inside of you that become activated when engaging in conscious contact with others. Feeling, listening, caring. Places you open. Places you close. All parts of you are welcome in this ever-deepening journey of connection and friendship.

Receive Nourishing Connection

Experience the nourishment that arises when you get intimate with yourself. Tend to your inner garden. Receive pleasure through your body – feasting through the senses on a smorgasbord of different delightful offerings. Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound offer you gateways into a deeper experience of intimacy with yourself and others. Let your body be moved and your heart broken-open by the depth of connection with others.

Awaken Your Sexual Aliveness

Take a moment to pause and feel what’s living here now. Breathe. Connect. Engage even more deeply with your vibrancy as it pulsates with possibility. Let yourself be exposed to deeper truths. Express your sexuality through breath, movement, sound and touch. Become still and listen. Challenge your boundaries. Bring devotion, reverence and connection into your sexual expression. Expand your range of what is possible for you in your body. Awaken pleasure in a way that simply takes your breath away.

Come Home To Yourself

Experience your body. Drop in deeply. Allow yourself to be moved by a deeper connection to yourself and others. Watch the stress and disconnect of modern-day living dissolve and disappear. Experience heart-centred family. Be infused with your own greatness. Leave feeling clear and consciously connected to the beauty of your life. Connect to your tribe.

What You'll Experience at Thrive!...

Nourishing experiences for your body, mind and spirit to drop in and rest in stillness.

Feel received and supported as you deepen your connection with others.

Awaken to sexual aliveness and sacred pleasure as your birth-right.

Hidden sanctuary a short journey outside of Amsterdam.

Playful exploration of your sensual self.

Upgrade your inner knowing.

Space to be you. 

A drug and alcohol-free event.

Freedom to choose the activities that light you up.

Delicious vegetarian food lovingly prepared by our master chef.

Celebrating, learning, relaxing, reconnecting and making new friends.

Embodiment practices to help you access your body’s innate wisdom and truth.

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What You'll Receive at ThriveFest...

A template for the evolving human and what's possible in your connection with others.

Feel the pulsating goodness of your life-force energy.

Make lifelong connections with other bright, beautiful beings just like you!

Experience the beauty and aliveness of your heart.

Feel the joy and intimacy of your own body.

Space to express the longings of your wild, passionate heart.


Deepen in your capacity to open beyond the limited, contracted version of yourself.

A sense of homecoming and a return to an upgraded version of your life

Heart iQ Sacred Circles with Christian

One of the highlights of Thrive! is the opportunity to experience sacred circle work with master facilitator Christian Pankhurst, founder of Heart iQ and New Eden. Watch the video below to learn more.


Come to Thrive! and experience Sacred Circle with Christian every day for a week!


Where is Thrive?

Thrive! takes place at New Eden, our own dedicated venue located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands, surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature. It is completely private and is gloriously free from the noise and distractions of modern life.

Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. We go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery and heart-centered living. This is a space where you can Thrive!


Are you ready to join us at ThriveFest?


Frequently Asked Questions

The next Thrive! will take place June 24-30, 2019. 

Yes! When booking together as a couple you will need to register twice - once for you and again for your partner. When we send you the link to purchase meal packages and upgraded accommodation, you will be able to book your lodging together.

The prices you see on this page cover all activities, classes and the event experience. Meals and accommodation are extra and are paid for after you register your ticket. Prices for a shared occupancy room including meals for the week is 500 Euro. Private rooms are available for an additional fee.

Our meals are vegetarian and mostly organic, and if you have a dietary requirement you’ll be able to select that when you book your food and accommodation package. There is no extra fee for your dietary option, if you make your request at the time you book. LAST MINUTE dietary requests may not be possible or may incur a small charge.

All of our rooms come with private bathroom & have a simple design. They are minimally furnished with beds, desk and side tables with lamps.

We supply sheets, bedding and towels. Most of our rooms are double occupancy, with some being triple, or quadruple rooms. We offer the best rooms first on a first come, first served basis and prioritise couples for our double occupancy rooms.

Getting to New Eden is easy!

We've created a page on our site with easy directions on how to get here by Train, Bus and Car.

Click here to open a new page and learn more about getting to New Eden.

Attendees may cancel the event up to 30 days before the event starts for a refund minus a 25% cancellation fee from the full price of the event. Refunds will be paid as soon as possible, maximum 30 days after the cancellation date. If the cancellation is made within 30 days before the event start date, there will be no refund.

Thrive! is an adult experience, and thus Children are not permitted to attend.

You may check in on Monday anytime after 12pm. As we begin at 3pm, please arrive at least 2 hours before we start, so plan to arrive no later than 1pm.  

Late arrivals are not permitted.

Check out is on Sunday after 3pm when the event ends.

Open Circle Time

Each day, from Tuesday to Sunday (6 in total), Christian will facilitate the whole group in morning circle, done in an open style where magic emerges spontaneously in the moment. 

A Love Affair with Self

Connect to breath, body, life-force and the Divine and fall in love with how powerfully sensual and alive you really are. Sumir will be leading three evening sessions. Two will be for mixed men and women and one will be for sisters only. Sumir will also be leading morning Tea Ceremonies to kick start the days.

Osho Dynamic & Kundalini Meditation

On alternating mornings, Lara will lead an Osho Dynamic Meditation. This is a four stage active meditation to get you out of your head and into your body. The stages use breathwork, movement with sound, uncontained expression, stillness and dance. Helps to clear out and purify distorted emotions, stuck energy and compulsive thinking.

Bring a blindfold!

On alternating evenings before dinner, Lara will lead the Osho Kundalini Meditation. This is a four stage movement meditation. The first two stages “melt” away blocks in the body with shaking and dancing. The last two stages enable the energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day.

Tibeten Yoga (Lu Jong)

Alternating between morning and afternoon sessions, Betty will run Tibetan Yoga classes.

From the Tantra-yana perspective, on which Lu Jong is based, the feminine is represented in the movement, the masculine is the practice of 'holding'.

In Lu Jong both aspects are equally important: Wisdom in the movement, holding in the method. A dance between those two seemingly opposite energies, that leads to more awareness of our inner world.

The exercises invite balance between the masculine supporting the feminine and the feminine feeding the masculine.

Sometimes we misunderstand 'freedom' by thinking it's all about movement and expansion, going fully uncontained. In this teaching we experience that freedom truly comes from the sacred inner marriage of lovingly holding ourselves in discipline while surrendering to the movement. 

Enchanted Forest Meditation

On Friday, Christian will be taking a group on a guided bike ride to some of his favourite locations in the forest. At each sacred location, you'll have an opportunity to connect to nature, meditate and receive from the land.

The entire excursion is 2.5 hours long and you'll need to bring a ruck sack with a blanket, water and snacks. Long pants, socks and closed sandals and shoes are also recommended, as well as some bug spray. 


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