Women's Retreat

Presented by Feminine Rising


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"She realised she was the Temple"

Dear Sister, 

As Women, we have been conditioned to behave in ways that ensure we comply with the "rules of society." 

This compliance has dulled our connection to the glorious gifts of being a Woman, and our innate Feminine Essence. 

Join us at the Women's Retreat in August. Let us give you the safe space to experience, practice, play, try on, discover, ignite, and celebrate YOUR unique Feminine.



Founder of Feminine Rising                                                                                   Co-Founder of New Eden


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Feminine Rising Presents Your Women's Retreat at New Eden


Your Women's Retreat


Each day we will explore a different element of the Feminine.  

Embodiment. Evocation. Sensuality. Sexuality. Consciousness. Masculine & Feminine Balance. Self Care. Spirituality. Sisterhood and Feminine Leadership. 

Sessions are designed specifically for your personal exploration, embodiment and integration.  

All sessions are guided by a Feminine Rising Guide and the wisdom of the amplified field of Sisterhood. 


Your Feminine Guides

Sumir Brown

Founder of Feminine Rising                                     Co-Founder of New Eden                

Sumir will weave her deep Cosmic and Mystical connection into your experience - bringing forth a Sacred Space for the rebalancing and restoration of the Feminine & Masculine within...beyond definitions, limitations and conditioning.

Her authentic embodiment of Feminine Leadership will safely guide your Women's Week of exploration and discovery in a way that time & space will bend to your reality.  


Lara Klein-Barge

Feminine Rising Guide

Lara is a relationship, intimacy and sex coach, as well as, a dynamic facilitator of embodied sensuality for both women & men, supporting the power & innocence of sexuality.

Weaving her experience, wisdom & love, Lara is one of the lead Feminine Guide's of the Intimacy & Sensuality programs of Feminine Rising, and of this magical Women's Week that awaits you at New Eden. 

7-Day Women's Retreat at New Eden - Presented by Feminine Rising

Embody your unique Feminine Essence. Rebalance your Nature. Evoke Consciousness. 12th - 18th August 2019

Evoke: Women's Retreat at New Eden - 12th-18th August


Price Breakdown: Food & Accommodation: €500, Women's Retreat: €795

  • All experiences & classes with Feminine Rising during the week
  • Access to all New Eden facilities including meditation room, co-work spaces, lounge, stunning nature and more
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Your Temple for the Week


New Eden, is located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands. We are surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature. Private and gloriously free of the noise and distractions of modern life. At New Eden you'll enjoy community and collaboration with other highly conscious and heart intelligent individuals, while still having plenty of space for quality time with yourself or your partner. Here you will naturally co-create with others, be inspired by new friends, recover from burnout or exhaustion and choose from a curated selection of workshops & classes to upgrade your life. Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. We go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery and heart-centered living.

"Vegetarian Dining was Delicious!"

"My room and the food were perfect - simple, nourishing and filled with love!"

"Home away from Home"

"5 stars, for the food & accommodation"

Common Questions

Men are actually encouraged to register for this week as we are running an Embodied Men's retreat along side this event. 

Find out more here.


The Feminine is an ever-changing unfolding.

The rhythm of a Women's bliss seeks new opportunities to deepen, expand, surrender, ignite...daily. 

And most importantly the Feminine craves to be seen...to be witnessed. 

By attending the Women's Week at New Eden, your hearts desire to explore, discovery, practice, and bee seen, will be served a delicious buffet of choices and critical integration time for 7 days!


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