The 7-Day Business Mentorship at New Eden

Upgrade your business, leadership, marketing and vision with other heart centered entrepreneurs in a dream-like environment. 

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"The world of business has changed.

There is a new way to create, lead and grow businesses that are successful and serve the good of humanity.

It’s no longer just about profit. 

It's about purpose, vision and leading with your true life's mission – creating something deeply meaningful in the world."

Dear fellow entrepreneur,


I believe that the role of business and entrepreneurs is critical for the evolution of humanity and that it takes a new type of leader to run a business that serves our collective evolution.

Having run businesses for the last 30 years, I've experienced a shift from greed, scarcity and competition to a new way of doing business. It's about leading with an abundance mentality, where impact and cooperation are the new normal.

I'm now focused on redefining what business success in the 21st century looks like and sharing with people how to actually apply the new rules of business in their own endeavours.

As entrepreneurs, it's so easy for us to get caught up in just pushing targets for the sake of growth and not staying true to our own authenticity.

It's time to bring a new consciousness to our creativity and leadership demonstrating a new way of entrepreneurship in the 21st century.


Daniel Wagner
New Eden Business Mentor 


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About The 7-Day Business Mentorship at New Eden


Here is some of what we'll be covering

What We Offer

Daily Sessions

Each day we'll be guiding you to understand the different fundamentals of business success from vision through marketing, leadership, operations and profit. We do this with our AWAKE Business approach that looks at how to bring authenticity and effectiveness across these five areas. 

These sessions are designed for insight and integration with your own business. Each session has guided exercises as well as Q+A time. 

Hot Seat Mentoring

One of the ways we like to work best is by spotlighting individuals and their businesses. This is where we create a live demonstration of analysis and expansion on what they are most needing clarity in these five areas of their business. During our mentorship you will have the opportunity to have your business directly looked at. 

Integration and Work Sessions

This is an experience for you not just to learn, evolve, connect with others and amplify your vision, but to also work and create. This is a powerful environment for inspiration to be acted upon. Each day you'll have plenty of time to work on your business and implement what you're learning. 

Connection With Other Creatives

This is a time to connect with other creatives to inspire and collaborate. Build new friendships, learn from one another and utilize the power of community to grow yourself and business. 

Key Features

Specific Mentoring To Your Vision

Our work is based on connecting you to what's most authentic for you to create and bring forth into the world. We're not teaching what's right to do, where guiding you to find what's true for you. 

Fundamentals To Grow Right Now

We focus on core fundamentals that can be directly applied to your life and business. We're not here to teach a bunch of theory, but get directly focuses on you, your business and what you are ready for. 

Embodying Your True Leadership

Your company or business is a result of your own leadership. We care about you authentically leading your life's vision in the form of a successful business. We'll be diving into this!

Who Is This For?

Solo Entrepreneurs

You're running things on your own and you're looking to expand, bring more of your mission to the world, reach more people and put structures in place to support your growth as a leader and as a business. 

Small Companies

You've got a small team together and you want to bring greater vision, impact and growth to your company. Our work is to help you clarify your vision, create an authentic message and grow in your leadership. 


You are here to bring something amazing to life. You know that you're a creator and leader but you want assistance in truly bringing forth your true potential as a visionary. Our work is to help you find your authentic leadership and tap into your creative gifts. 

When and Where?

Your Mentors

Daniel Wagner

Vision Architect & Philanthropist

A successful creative entrepreneur and marketer, having built multiple six and seven figure companies and brands. Daniel's has been sharing his experience and success with thousands of people around the world from stage and through his publications and programs.

At age 50, he spent two years of inner exploration, and he now focuses his time and efforts on his mission to help create a new normal for human consciousness and the redefinition of the role of men and business in the 21st century to serve our collective evolution.

Anthony Thompson

Visionary & Entrepreneur 

After leaving university at 19, writing his first book at age 20, Anthony has traveled all over the world in an intensive search to understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to access our dormant intelligence.

Having worked with hundreds of people all over the world as a mentor & transformational guide, his work is now focused on bringing men into true leadership through embodying the full spectrum of their masculine qualities. 

Anthony is constantly recognised to have an incredibly rare gift for activating people to "wake up" to who they really are, and lead their lives boldly. 

The 7-Day Business Mentoring Retreat at New Eden

11th-17th March 2019


Upgrade your business, leadership, marketing and vision with other heart centered entrepreneurs in a dream-like environment. 

Includes all sessions, classes and activities during the week. Prices include food and shared accommodation. (Private room upgrades available)

Price Breakdown:

Food & Accommodation: €500
Facilitator Training: €395
New Eden Experience: €100

TOTAL: €995

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Hear From People We've Worked With

"As a conscious company in the self-development arena we looked for someone like Daniel Wagner for literally a decade. Over the last two and a half years of working with Daniel we have finally brought our business into the 21st century, streamlining our business offering, defining our brand and market position and heading towards increased revenue and profit. His combination of consciousness, business and marketing experience makes Daniel a rare individual and I'd highly recommend you check him out."

Kevin Billett
Kevin Billett - CEO of The Journey and Bestselling Author

"I met Daniel when he was already a well known and internet marketer in the UK. I joined his program and we worked together for the next 8 years, building multiple six and seven figure businesses while still maintaining my lifestyle with a young family. If you have a chance to work with Daniel, I'd recommend it highly."

James Watson
Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant And Trainer

Where This Takes Place

Come and Join us at the Stunning New Eden Retreat Centre

New Eden, a property located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands, is surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature.  It is completely private and is gloriously free from the noise and distractions of modern life.
At New Eden you can spend quality time with yourself or your partner, collaborate with others, make new friends, recover from burnout or exhaustion and take a selection of  classes or workshops to upgrade your communication, leadership and intimacy skills.
By being together with other highly conscious and heart intelligent individuals, a powerful amplified field is created where you'll experience deep connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply your impact and give back to humanity, so that you can play an even bigger game and significantly expand your ability to accomplish bold things.
Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. We go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery and heart-centered living.
So right now, feel your heart and ask it what it wants in relationship to staying with us. If you feel excited and opened by the thought, then add yourself to the waiting list for the 2019 Awakened Living Project.

Are You Up For a Week of Life and Business Upgrading?

We are ready to share with you how you can be successful in business, while serving humanity and having a whole lot of fun in the process.

If you are currently experiencing frustration or uncertainty in your business, then maybe it's time to look at a healthier approach to business and life altogether.

What we've seen from coaching and mentoring hundreds of business owners is that too many of them feel overwhelmed, out of control, and are focusing on the wrong things.

This event is definitely not for everyone. If you are just looking to make more money or learn some quick marketing tricks, then this is not for you. But if you are looking to create a business that is not only fulfilling for you, but also has a positive impact on the world – then this is for you.

We're all for making money... lots of it. It's just not the driving intention behind why we do things!

At our 7-Day Business Mentorship you'll not only learn the foundations of growing a successful business, but you'll also have an opportunity to look at your own business and quickly see where you can make adjustments in order to expand your vision and deepen your impact.

This is a week of truthful stock taking and genuine support to help you bring your vision to life.

We'd love to have here and help you to upgrade your work in the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This event is for entrepreneurs wanting to expand their vision. You can already be running your existing business or in the phase of creating a new vision to bring into the world. 

This is a "no-bullshit" experience where you'll discover a new and more congruent way to run a business. We're not here to tell you how to run your business, but help you formulate a new approach that will allow you to bring your most authentic vision to life.

Absolutely, this event is perfect when you're in the planning stages or have a vision you want to make a reality. Come get inspired and lay the foundations for your business to come life. 

We have TWO 7-Day business mentorships scheduled: 

February 4th - 10th
March 11th - 17th 

Are You Up For a Week of Upgrading Your Business, Leadership, Marketing and Vision?

Our promise is to go "all in" and hold nothing back. Your job is to be there and be ready.


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