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Accelerate Your Awakening, Cultivate More Consciousness & Expand Your Ecstatic Range

practices Aug 27, 2019

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A Fully Integrated and Wholistic Way To Coach Couples

practices Aug 19, 2019

In today's blog, we have something a little different for you. As our Facilitator Training season is starting in September, we thought you would like this inspirational talk from a recent Relationship Mastery Training about how Heart iQ can impact relationships by creating an optimum environment of family and community where intimacy naturally and spontaneously thrives.

What if relationship dysfunction was not just the direct result of two people not being able to find common ground, but had more to do with our western culture of separation, isolation and myth that we need to 'do it on our own'? 

Could our irreconcilable differences be healed by simply following the wisdom in this video?

Watch it now to find out and then read on if you are interested in learning how to apply this art to your own personal or professional life at our upcoming Relationship Mastery Training.


If you are passionate about relationships and helping couples to deepen their connection,...

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How To Disarm Your Neuro-Emotional-Energetic Defence System

practices Aug 12, 2019

S.T.U.A.R.T. is the Heart IQ™ term used to describe the intelligent, self-managing master system that coordinates all of your defense strategies. It’s job is to filter what you receive from the world and what you give out to the world, all based upon what is deemed safe and unsafe to maintaining the equilibrium of your world. Its protection is both helpful and limiting.

For example, when you’re ready to let others see, hear and feel you more, S.TU.A.R.T. can block your efforts to receive more from others and to express more of you in the world. In childhood, this protection was essential to keep you from feeling too much core unworthiness. Its job was to make sure that your innate worth remained protected and intact as you moved into adulthood. In childhood, you’re exposed to vital experiences that are meant to shape you into who you’re becoming.

These experiences are often delivered with the incompleteness of other people’s wounding. While these...

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How To Be More Vulnerable With Those You Love

practices Aug 06, 2019

For many people, it’s easier to access their emotions and feel open when they’re alone.

Sharing your heart and authentically opening up to others is a necessary ingredient for intimacy and healthy relationships, but it often isn’t easy as this requires safety and vulnerability.

Due to our past experiences, we may be conditioned that it’s unsafe to be vulnerable. Maybe we got hurt or were made wrong by others for unveiling our truth. Those occurrences create our shadows and defences and greatly impact our future relationships and experiences.

Daring to be vulnerable can help you digest your fears as you’re received and witnessed by others. In today's blog, I show you how we all need safety in order to come into our hearts.





  • Vulnerability needs to be witnessed by other(s) and is a critical ingredient in both our horizontal in and horizontal out Directions of Joy.

  • Remember that you do not need to be...

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How to Ask For What You Really Want

practices Jul 30, 2019

We all have basic human needs and desires that require other people to meet them. Otherwise, without this necessary exchange with others, we will shut down to life, becoming overtaken by our defence mechanisms in unhealthy ways, and possibly turning into ‘energetic vampires,’ unconsciously taking energy from those around us. Some examples of human needs are being touched, seen, felt, understood, ravished, nurtured, matched, surrendered and relaxed.

In today's blog, we explore this vital ingredient to life. The first video expands on what it means to ask for what you want and to get your needs met.



There is enormous power NOT ONLY in asking for what you want from another, but also in being WITNESSED by others in the asking. Witnessing creates an anchor that changes your body’s cellular memories, which is a key part if we want to create a new sustainable reality. The mind can forget, but the body never does. These next two videos demonstrate...

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The Healing Power of Acknowledgment

practices Jul 23, 2019

It always takes two to allow disconnection of intimacy. It’s important to know this. Even in cases of the deepest betrayals or infidelities—those cases where it’s ever so easy to assign a victim and a villain—even in those scenarios, the intimacy has always been lost due to a combination of factors that both partners brought to the table. It’s never completely the fault of one person.

I’ve noticed that one of the primary needs of women in relationships is to have their reality confirmed. Quite often men will listen to a woman’s observations about the partnership, but will refuse to own or confirm what she’s expressed. In many cases, women know the hearts and truth of their men more than the men even do. But it takes a lot of courage for a man to accept uncomfortable feedback and acknowledge where his partner may be right about him. More typically, the man wants to call her crazy for thinking or feeling those things, rather than...

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Why We Need Others to Heal, Awaken and Thrive

practices Jul 16, 2019

One thing that makes Heart iQ different to many other modalities is that the work is done in a group, where healing is done in connection with others.

Initially, Heart iQ uses group wisdom and the amplified field to support individuals in their awakening process. As people go deeper into the work however, they realise that working on 'themselves' is just the beginning and that a far grander experience awaits them when they are willing to surrender to the collective wisdom that emerges from the group. When this happens, healing isn't just personal, but trans-personal - it becomes a collective portal for change.

Thus Heart iQ isn't just about creating healthy people, but building healthy community. 

Many of us crave to be in community yet few healthy examples of functioning communities actually exist. In this blog, we explore community, the importance of being witnessed and how healing with others can be so much faster than healing by yourself.

We are...

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How To Feel Good, Even When You Feel Bad

practices Jul 09, 2019

Accessing joy consistently in your daily life can be challenging. It’s not always easy to see the big picture, the grand design, and to understand there’s divine perfection in it all. I’ve devised a system of processing your moment-to-moment reality that makes it a bit easier. It’s called Heart iQ Tracking.

Heart iQ Tracking provides valuable insight into what’s causing your resistance to joy, what’s getting in the way, and which thoughts and judgments are keeping you from loving what is.

When you track well, you have the key to joy in any moment!

Learn more in the video below.


Although tracking can be used as a way to read energy of others and the room, in this blog, we’ll focus on your personal practice of Heart iQ Tracking.  This powerful practice will teach you to pay attention to what is presently moving for you and in you, and distinguish the difference between the content and your relationship to the content.



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The Magic of Heart iQ

news Jul 04, 2019

The three minute video above offers instant energy and inspiration!  Allow it to help you remember what is possible in the energetic vortex of circle.

After watching, ask yourself this:

Do you want to go deeper in your journey of personal self-mastery, embodiment, healing and awakening - with Christian as your guide?

If so, Christian is facilitating a series of Thrive! Weekend mini-retreats giving you an opportunity to experience the cutting edge version of his work while seeing how rich life can be when charged and infused by the amplified field.

If you feel ready for a radical and life changing upgrade, then listen to your Heart and experience Thrive! for yourself.

Learn more about Thrive! here

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How To Heal Trauma Through Divine Relaxation

practices Jul 02, 2019

What if you could heal emotional and psychological trauma by bringing your nervous system into a deep state of rest? 

When you get traumatised through neglect or by taking in violating energies, your body-mind stores the undigested energy and memory of the trauma as a contraction of bound energy that is felt as tension in the body.

A chronic state of tension in your nervous system creates several challenges:

  1. Others feel it and naturally avoid it. They feel a repulsion, not to the soul before them, but to the highly strung nervous system to which they don’t want to entrain. As others avoid it, the tension increases.

  2. When the nervous system is so tense, in a state of hyper stimulation, it focuses on what is not working and identifies through pain points. From this place, healing is not accessible because the system is working so hard to maintain the tension.

In the following video, Christian brings awareness to a man whose life is deeply affected by chronic tension.

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