In this 4-day experience you will be guided to the deepest depths of your human experience while simultaneously expanding presence and awareness of both self, other, and the group.

With an increased capacity of awareness and access to your essential nature, we will travel into the mystery of the group heart field together using the power of Heart iQ Circle work. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Experience the beauty and aliveness of your open heart.
  • Receive some of the most cutting-edge embodiment practices, teachings and tools for personal awakening that can be applied to your life forever.
  • Learn how to move instantly from a collapsed place of unworthiness into your strength and authentic power.
  • Tap into your inner knowing, and your hearts goodness to remember your life's purpose.
  • Liberate any bound life force energy that is dormant or ‘stuck’ in your physical, emotional and energetic body.
  • Deepen your capacity to open through embodied connection to yourself, in relationships and in group fields.
  • Embrace your wounding as your superpower and start to transform it into a gift to share with the world.
  • Be re-inspired by human potential and what’s possible in conscious connection with others.

In just one week you can activate more of your potential than you could in a lifetime. It’s the benefit of being in an amplified field together with a tribe of courageous, loving & open Hearts.

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Is This Event Right For Me?

The focus of the Heart iQ circle journey we will embark on is to get you into your body while simultaneously tapping into a higher state of consciousness by leveraging the power of the amplified field, generated by everyone attending.

The amplified space we co-create in mindful awareness and embodied presence is a brave space for those ready to connect more deeply to the mysterious potential of healing that is possible in emergent group fields.

This space is mostly unknown, we have no idea what will happen between us. And that’s exactly the place where we want to hang out… in this liminal space anything is possible as we set and hold a remarkably potent container where literally anything can happen.

We will travel through lifetimesother worlds and realities, all in a ritualized space perfectly designed for the emergence of what wants to happen through and between us. It is a transformational multi-dimensional experience unlike any circle you have sat in before.

One of the effects of this space of surrendered leadership and primal permission is that you will begin to trust your intuition and your voice among others. Instead of waiting for the right moment or your own personal perfectionist you will be called and magically aligned to step into active participation and effortless flow as the current of the group heart calls us all into deeper levels of collective healing.

You’ll get to practice opening, not through psychological analysis, processing of your stories or digging up your past, but though exercises that connect you to your body, your life force and your vast depth of emotion and feeling.

In essence, you’ll be learning a language of love that goes way beyond the verbal expression most of us rely on. It is a language that connects us through a shared frequency of heart field, and when you have access to and become fluent in this language, you’ll have the key to unlock joy whenever you want.

The power available in emergent group heart fields is always a new unique flavor made up of the particular combination of those who attend. As we all tap into collective consciousness, openings appear that are beyond the thinking mind’s comprehension.

The apparent risk, and vulnerability alive in this space breeds a tenderness that can be so sacred and limitless it most resembles what we call: Soul Intimacy.

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What You'll Receive at the Accelerated Awakening Retreat

A template for the evolving human and what's possible in your connection with others.

Feel the pulsating goodness of your life-force energy.

Make lifelong connections with other bright, beautiful beings just like you!

Experience the beauty and aliveness of your heart.

Feel the joy and intimacy of your own body.

Space to express the longings of your wild, passionate heart.


Deepen in your capacity to open beyond the limited, contracted version of yourself.

A sense of homecoming and a return to an upgraded version of your life

About Your Facilitators

Who is Christian Pankhurst?

Christian Pankhurst is a world leading expert in group dynamics, conscious communication, and the art of circle facilitation. Christian is a master conductor of the collective wisdom that emerges when resonant hearts come together, and his piercing clarity lovingly cuts through bullshit while he holds a space of unconditional love for what wants to emerge in the now.

Christian teaches how to tap into the power of the collective wisdom or 'field' so facilitators learn how to heal themselves and others simultaneously through a process that is embodied and joyful rather than heady and focused on solving problems. 

Christian's unique capacity to translate  complex group dynamics into simple, clear and practical insights is the reason why so many seek him out to get trained in the art of small and large group facilitation.

Christian started facilitating groups in 2002 after graduating as a Chiropractor from the AECC in the U.K. His speciality is using a group’s wisdom and energy to open up gateways of transformation that are simply not available in an individual or one-on-one practice. 

In 2008, Christian entered and won the Britain's Next Top Coach Competition, receiving 52% of the votes from over 90 countries around the world. He is the best-selling author of Insights To Intimacy - Why Relationships Fail and How To Make Them Work, and is the co-founder of New Eden, a centre for those wishing to grow, co-create and awaken together in community.


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"Utterly dedicated to every single participant in the room, watching Christian facilitate is a masterclass in itself. There is a beauty and depth to his work that is both subtle, but also practical. My nervous system has literally stretched beyond its original shape and I know this transformation is cellular. If you love witnessing your own metamorphosis from caterpillar through the mulch to a butterfly, this retreat will knock your socks off, blow your mind and re-wire your biology. I can’t recommend it highly enough or wait to go back for more!"

Priya Mahtani
Previous Participant

Who Is Sumir Brown?

Sumir Brown

Founder of Feminine Rising
Co-Founder of New Eden                

Sumir will weave her deep Cosmic and Mystical connection into your experience - bringing forth a Sacred Space for the rebalancing and restoration of the Feminine & Masculine within...beyond definitions, limitations and conditioning.

Her authentic embodiment of Feminine Leadership will safely guide your week of exploration and discovery in a way that time & space will bend to your reality.  


Life At New Eden

Watch the video below to get a taste of what it's like to stay at New Eden, our very own venue for this transformational work.


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